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In 2005, CLARASONIC had developed one of the only machines capable of slicing ROHACELL materials at the same quality and tolerances as EVONIK.


 ROHACELL is considered the lightest weight, highest strength rigid foam material in the world - making it also the most difficult material to slice as well.


Over the years, CLARASONIC has sliced almost every rigid foam material known as well as various types of honeycomb and balsa wood.

We are considered as experts in slicing of inner core materials and offer many free services to Customers interested to hire CLARASONIC to slice their inner core materials.

Cutting Services


Advantages of Slicing

Customers may find numerous benefits from contracting CLARASONIC to slice inner core materials:

a. Able to order blocks of long lead time materials at discounted rate.

b. Able to offer fast turn around times on material orders currently needed by production.

c. Higher quality sliced sheets with improved slicing tolerances over that of manufacturers of materials.

d. Quality sliced cut sheets with "triple check inspection" on all outgoing materials.

Additional Services

  • Re-slice idle stock to new sizes needed for production.

  • Fix uneven cut sheets, fix warp sheets.

  • Add holes on to rigid foam sheets.

  • Add grooves to rigid foams.


Image by Stephane YAICH
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