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Aerospace Rigid Foam

ROHACELL® is the lightest weight, highest strength rigid foam material in the world and capable of tolerating extreme temperatures up to 180 C \ 350 F.

CLARASONIC offers various types of different ROHACELL® grades and able cut full sheets ranging in thickness from 1mm at tolerances ranging from +/- 0.3mm.

Selected ROHACELL® material types may be cut from 100mm and higher. 

CLARASONIC warehouses blocks of long-lead time materials and able to cut full sheets, small pieces and speciality shapes then ship using custom packaging to Customers world-wide using economical shipping services.  


IGF - General Purpose Material
HF - High Frequency
RIMA - Ultra Fine Cell Structure
HERO - Strongest Commercial Material 



ROHACELL® 31 IGF is the lightest weight, lowest density & lowest cost material solution. A popular solution for certain applications where requirements are lightest weight inner core material such as RC aircraft.

ROHACELL® 51 IGF is the mid density material popular for use in audio speaker cone applications where customers find it to be the perfect strength vs price.

ROHACELL® 71 IGF is a high density material ideally suited for medical usage such as X-RAY and CAT-SCAN tables.

Other applications include automotive parts and professional surfboards used in competition.

ROHACELL® 110 IGF is the highest density IGF material suitable for aerospace applications.

IGF Sheet sizes = 1250mm x 2500mm / 49.2" x 98.4"

HF -

ROHACELL® HF is a speciality material used often for communication as full frequency bandwidths including 5G technology are able to travel unobstructed. ROHACELL® HF are classified as "ultra-fine cell" foams.

ROHACELL® 51 HF is the lowest density HF material available as such lower in cost.

ROHACELL® 71 HF is the highest density HF material often used in radomes and telecommunication satellites.

Due to the higher density material, CLARASONIC offers ROHACELL® 71 HF in super thin sliced sheets ranging from 100mm and higher. Possible applications for thin sheets include PCB substrates for 5G technology, antenna housing & skins for mobile phones as well as miniature speaker cones and flat diaphragms.

HF Sheet sizes = 1250mm x 2500mm / 49.2" x 98.4"


ROHACELL® RIMA is one of the highest strength material lines of ROHACELL® that is commercially available. With a ultra-fine cell structure, ROHACELL® RIMA can be used in applications where maximum strength is required while having little resin absorption due to the ultra fine cell structure. 

Similar to ROHACELL® HF materials, ROHACELL® RIMA materials are also suitable for 5G technology types of applications as full frequencies are able to pass thru the material without being obstructed.


ROHACELL® 71 RIMA is the lower density \ high strength material and as such the lower cost version of RIMA product line. Possible applications include high performance parts for automotive, sporting goods and a ideal candidate for miniature speaker cones and flat diaphragms when sliced to super thin sheets.

ROHACELL® 110 RIMA is the higher density \ higher strength RIMA product line as such it offers the tightest cell structure of any ROHACELL® material and when sliced to super thin sheets resembles paper. 110 RIMA is able to be used in similar applications as HF and 71 RIMA but where highest strength, least resin intake or similar benefits are needed.

RIMA 71 = 1250mm / 49.2" x 98.4"

RIMA 110 = 1090m x 2150mm / 49.2" x 98.4"


ROHACELL® HERO is offered in three different densities.

ROHACELL® 51 HERO is the lightest weight density.

ROHACELL® 71 HERO is the mid density solution.

ROHACELL® 110 HERO is the highest strength ROHACELL® game commercially available.


Material is ideal when maximum strength of the lightest rigid foam in the world is required.


ROHACELL® HERO materials have an ultra thin cell structure, however not as refined as RIMA & HF.


ROHACELL® 110 RIMA is another material available that is available to order in super thin sheets.   

51 & 71 HERO = 1250mm x 2500mm / 49.2" x 98.4"

110 HERO = 1100mm x 2150mm / 43.3" x 84.65"


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