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How do you feel about Recycled products?

CLARASONIC is a big advocate of recycling and is constantly searching for ways to help the environment - whether it be methods to recycle our waste or offering ECO friendly solutions that help the environment.

ARMACELL is the most green friendly rigid foams in the world.

Made from recycled plastic bottles, ARMACELL is referred as a R-PET foam.

Multiple density of rigid foams are offered and material is used in similar applications as , ROHACELL and SONIC foams.


ARMACELL is also available in a flexible R-PET foil.


Somewhere out in the ocean is a floating island of plastic waste that is estimated to be the size of the state of Texas.

As the world coups with reducing plastic waste, ARMACELL has developed a ECO friendly foam & foil from recycled waste.

ARMACELL GR-FOAMS are made from 100% post consumer PET waste.

Recycled plastic bottles are converted to ECO-FRIENDLY rigid foam materials.

Used in composite construction as an inner core, R-PET rigid foams offers a

green friendly alternative.

Available in cut sheets at densities ranging from 70, 80 & 100 as well as others.

ARMACELL R-FOIL are flexible, closed cell materials capable of being thermal formed to desired shape.

Often used in automotive applications as a rain shield guard such as door panels.

R-FOIL can also be used in cladding of construction panels & similar applications.

Materials come in rolled sheets & highly resistant to solvents.

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