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Thermal forming is the process of bonding two or more different materials using heated tooling so as to make a shaped part.

Used as either an inner core or as a backing material, ROHACELL® and other inner core materials can increase strength of part by 10x that of a part with no inner core while adding insignificant amount of weight.  

Image by Yann Allegre


By placing a top skin such as fiberglass onto the surface of ROHACELL® or similar inner core material and into heated tooling, a low cost two layer backing solution is made.

Placing top and bottom skins such as carbon fiber on both sides of an inner core materials such as ROHACELL®, materials can be placed into tooling to make a three layer sandwich core solution. 



CLARASONIC has the ability to

a) provide cut sheets of long lead time materials including ROHACELL® as well as NOMEX & ARAMID honeycomb

b) provide formed ROHACELL® cones for Customer to finish applying top skins

c) provide a complete formed cone

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