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CLARASONIC has the ability to slice certain rigid foam materials including ROHACELL® 5G materials sliced into sheets at 100µm, 150µm, 200µm & up.

ROHACELL® ultra-thin sliced sheets have the ability to be used in compact consumer electronic designs including 5G technology products as ROHACELL® allows full frequency information to transmit thru the surface providing various methods to use materials.

Earbuds in Case


ROHACELL® ultra-thin sliced sheets have surface texture similar to paper a) except often lighter b) stronger and c) tighter cell structure resulting in a speaker diaphragm capable of producing: 

  • High SPL

  • Flat response

  • Great low end bass.

ROHACELL® able to bond to top skins as well as thermal form material to needed shape.


ROHACELL® materials are a non conductive insulator.

ROHACELL® can be used as a substrate between multi-layer PCB circuits, used as a inner core post for antennas, made into a 5G sandwich panel

ROHACELL® has the ability to bond to many types of surfaces creating a high strength, light core. 

Image by Markus Spiske
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